THE DREAM SYNDICATE - Milan June 19, 2019 (Magnolia)

Steve Wynn with The Dream Syndicate with "These Days" (new album) were in Italy for some dates. Paisley Underground from L.A. ('80) directly here these days. I was really impressed during the show to see the passion and howmuch they enjoy playing.
At the end of the concert a special guest (Manuel Agnelli member of Afterhouse) was on the stage  for the last 2 songs. Guitars are the center of Dream Syndicate music with long psychedelic riffs and a robust drum background and Wynn's original voice. New (or old) Californian sound is here!

other you tube video here:


BE FOREST - Earthbeat (2013)

Interesting Italian band coming from Pesaro. This is the second work they produced in 2013  (a new one  "Knocturne" is just released).
Return of "dark-wave" and "minimal"  rhythms and sounds are the main content of this band as other in this moment (see previous post of "Second Still"). They already provided tours outside Italy and also in US with participation to TV show.
To follow with interest.



WOODEN SHJIPS - Back to Land (2013)

jumping from blog to blog I was attracted by this band. They comes from San Francisco area and despite you can think listening to their music (a good mix of psychedelic-garage-doors) they start the activity in 2006.
I see some similarity with "Plan 9" sonorities in part of their pieces.
"Back to Land" is dated 2013.



HOODOO GURUS - Mars Needs Guitars ! 1985

Australian-Wave from the '80. Hoodoo Gurus probably the most famous band of that period. A great mix of Garage-Rock-Surf-Psychedelic music.
 This "Mars needs Guitars!" is dated 1985 and was the 2nd work (Stooneage Romeos the first in 1984).
This is not a rip of my vinyl copy of '85 but a flac version taken from somewhere on the web.

Mars Needs Guitars! (flac)


PLAN 9 - Plan 9 (1984 )

I always loved this band. They were from Rhode Island and I never heard a sound similar to this. The garage-psychedelic sound they produced is really unique.
This morning I bought a vinyl copy of this in a local vinyl fair and now I am just listening to this.
So why not to share with you.

Here there is a vinyl rip (not mine) you can have from the web.

PLAN 9 = plan 9


BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO - Vivi, Lotta, Pensa (2015)

Biglietto Per L' inferno was an important Italian Progressive Rock in the '70. They reformed in 2009 mainly with  new arrangement of  old songs of the  two works "biglietto per l' inferno" and " il tempo della semina".
In the new band the original voice of Claudio Canali ( retired as monk since several years and dead in 2018) is replaced by Mariolina Sala.
I also re-post a link to the original "biglietto per l' inferno" so you judge the differencies.

Vivi Lotta Pensa
Biglietto per l' inferno (1974)


SECOND STILL - Second Still (2017)

Listening to this you can think to a new-wave post-punk band of the '80 with a voice that remember me Siouxie & The Banshees but this is wrong.
This LP is dated 2017 and also the 2018  Ep "Equals " is on the same line.
They comes from L.A. and they are a really good surprise.
Thanks to ESWA blog that introduce me to this band.
Here is the version I download from Youtube. attached is also a TV show always from Youtube. enjoy!!!

Here:  Second Still


BAUHAUS - Bela Session (2018) EP

Happy New Year
I want to start the new Year with a vinyl rip of "Bela Session" EP from BAUHAUS.
I just Pre-order this vinyl before the concert I saw with Peter Murphy and David J November 22nd 2018 for the Bauhaus 40th anniversary.
I receive the Vinyl Just before Christmas and I want to share with you. There is the classic version of Bela Lugosi's Dead and also some previously unreleased tracks.

A1  - Bela Lugosi's Dead
B1  - Some Faces (unreleased)
B2  - Bite me Hip (unrealeased)
B3  - Harry
B4  - Boys (original version unrealeased)