PETER MURPHY - Milan November 22, 2018 (Fabrique)

Peter Murphy and David J together (50% of BAUHAUS) to celebrate 40 years from the band formation. I was at the "appointment" for door opening so I had a  pole- position.
A special mention to the band that start the evening "Desert Mountain Tribe". Superb exibition and the audience was really disappointed when they were stopped to let the technician to prepare the Peter Murphy show.
Bauhaus name collect a lot of people at Fabrique. Not comparable to the acoustic tour of Peter alone 2 years ago. Also the show was completely different. The playlist is pratically based on the first Bauhas LP  and other  best of.
David J presence gave a special tone to the evening.  Today I have on my turntable a 40 years old vinyl .......from a new band .....Bauhaus....
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The Passion of Lovers HERE:


LAY LLAMAS - Ostro (2014)

Lay Llamas  is an Italian group part of the new psychedelic or "occult psychedelic" wave. With Julie's Haircut  (some of the components collaborates) are in my opinion the top of this group of bands.
There are on spotify some interesting playlist proposed by Julie's Haircut as summary of the Italian background of the moment "postcard from the land of sunshine" is one of this and can be used as example or guide of this music area.

HEAR : Ostro (mp3)