HATFIELD AND THE NORTH - The Rotter's Club (1975)

This evening I played some old songs of the "progressive " era. So I just remember this group. Hatfield and the North was part of the "cultured" progressive music of the '70 also known as Canterbury school.
The Rotter's Club was the second LP of the group and it is a good memory of that period (1975).



TELEVISION - Marquee Moon

I am listening to this old record ( 1977) to be prepared for a June 2014 event. TELEVISION will be on tour with  a date in Milan to play again Marquee Moon songs. You can like or not TELEVISION sound with guitar goimg up and down and Tom shouting voice but anyway  it  was something original and different in the music scene of that period. I consider Tom Verlaine a musician out of any scheme.

Marquee Moon is considered a piece of music history (both the song and the LP) and I hope to listen and see something worthy of fame that this work has.