SIMPLE MINDS - Alcatraz 25/2/14

Two years ago, same place, the 5x5 tour and now the new tour "Celebration". It is always a pleasure to see Jim and his band also if year after year the time pass also for him. Really this concert was not comparable with the unforgettable 5x5 tour (see the old post). This one was more conventional (probably because of the high expectation). The performance was divided in two parts (plus the final closure). The first 50 min were flat and Jim too soft. The real concert was in the second part. More power, more rythm and  the most famous hits. At the end I was satisfied after 2 hr and a half. But again the 2012 5x5 tour  was        really another thing.


PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT - Live at Magnolia 17/2/14

 It was '82 when  Peter was at Milan with New Order at "Rolling Stones" for their first concert. Now, 32 years later I saw Peter again. Good performance at Magnolia club last Monday. Few people there, also because the event was not  so publicized (I just casually know about it few days before) and good "atmosphere". Peter appears as a mid age man. He has nothing to demonstrate any more but it seems he enjoy himself playing  on the set. The band is really good and the sound is "still " there (the voice unfortunatly no). At the end  with the appetizer of some Joy division songs and main dish of New Order first two LPs (Movement and Power Corruption and Lies) the concert was 2 hours and a half long. The etherogeneous audience (more fashionists and professionist than rockers) at the end was really satisfied and the final "Blue Monday" was the right closure of  the night.

Peter video 1 :Joy Division Song

Peter video 2 :New Order song