TUXEDOMOON - 11-12-2014 Milano (Video)

Following my  post of December 2014 about TUXEDOMOON concert at Milan, recently I saw on TUDEDOMOON official site  the video with  part of the concert (the first 42 min.)
Thank you Blaine for posted it. (waiting for part 2)

TUXEDOMOON official site : http://www.tuxedomoon.co/

link to the video :  https://player.vimeo.com/video/118142956


GATHERED - (1982)

This is a compilation of "Italian wave" bands. Thanks to the music fanzine "Rockerilla" this LP collected part of the emergent Italian New Wave movement. More than 30 years later a CD version was also released and some of the bands re-appear recently  (State of Art).
On the wave of this compilation I think that "Victrola" was the only band that make their own work in that period (EP Maritime Tatami).
Anyway "Gathered" is a piece of memory and an evidence of '80 wave movement in Italy.