BE FOREST - Earthbeat (2013)

Interesting Italian band coming from Pesaro. This is the second work they produced in 2013  (a new one  "Knocturne" is just released).
Return of "dark-wave" and "minimal"  rhythms and sounds are the main content of this band as other in this moment (see previous post of "Second Still"). They already provided tours outside Italy and also in US with participation to TV show.
To follow with interest.



WOODEN SHJIPS - Back to Land (2013)

jumping from blog to blog I was attracted by this band. They comes from San Francisco area and despite you can think listening to their music (a good mix of psychedelic-garage-doors) they start the activity in 2006.
I see some similarity with "Plan 9" sonorities in part of their pieces.
"Back to Land" is dated 2013.