PSYCHIC TV - Milano, club Magnolia December 4, 2015

Unespected year end concert at the Magnolia Club.  To be honest I was not so informed about Psychic TV and Genesis P. Orridge  history so I made an accelerated training on web and youtube to be ready for the show. I have to say I was really  impressed from some psychedelic ballads performed by the group. Despite the  slovenly look  of G.P. Orridge his/her voice is still there.
Coming back to the show, there were really few people and this makes the perfect atmosphere.  A little club, not too much people and the possibility to be near the stage. Just from the first song the direction of the night was really clear......100% PSYCHEDELIC. That's  all. Music, Images, Look .... It could be 2015 or 1960..1970... who knows!!! and shadows of Pink Floyd were also somewhere there!!!

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