CCCP - Affinità e divergente tra il compagno Togliatti e Noi

CCCP Was probably the best  punk-new wave band of '80 in Italy. The power of the sound and the live stage of the band was of high quality. The singer and front man  Giovanni Lindo Ferretti a real show man. After the experience as "CCCP" the band change the name in "CSI " and then Lindo Ferretti move to a solistic carrier also as  a writer.
This LP was one of the best at the top of the band performances.

Enjoy:  http://www.mediafire.com/?uba2t83q7pndupf


UAKTI - Aquas de Amazonas

Unusual sound is this from UAKTI, a Brazilian group famous because of the use of custom-made instruments. The collaboration with Philip Glass produces this extraordinary result in 1999. With this sound it seems to be directly in the Amazonas forest (I never been there but this is what I imagine to be).



PERIGEO - La Valle dei Templi

Italian Progressive-Rock band with influences from "Canterbury rock", Soft Machine etc. This LP is dated 1975. Perigeo and their Jazz-Rock was one of the best expression in Italy (and not only ) of that period.
There are other  Italian band of the period that I want to share in the next future. For the moment here is "La Valle dei Templi " from Perigeo. La Valle dei Templi for who doesn't know is an area in Sicily (near Agrigento) with archeological interesting residual of the old greek culture.



WEEKEND - La Varietè

Recently I posted a track from Young Marble Giants for the series dedicated to "great voices". Here is another post of that series. Allison Statton is still the voice; after the experience with Young Marble Giants, Allison move to Weekend. Unfortunatly this group only released one LP "La Varietè", some singles and demos. You can listen here to the LP  (1982) and some demos.



GITHEAD - Landing

Until few weeks ago this name was unknown to me but now is on the top of my playlist  (of this period). This is not surprising considering who the components are. COLIN NEWMAN (Wire) is a quality guarantee, MALKA SPIEGEL and MAX FRANKEN (from Minimal Compact) and ROBIN RIMBAUD complete the band.

They start in 2004 with the EP Headgit  and Landing (great ) 2009 is the last release. Really good