RADIOHEAD - Monza I Days June 16, 2017

First time for me at Radiohead,  Here my impression:
-Voice of Thom Yorke is really superb. He do what he wants and 2 hours life of this quality not a joke
-Sound. I thought that the clean and brilliant sound of Radiohead was mainly a result  of studio recording and production work. It is a wrong assumption. Life sound is perfect and if possible better than studio recording. The organization and the sound system was perfect.
-Public and fans. It is difficult to believe than Radiohead is so popular (their music is not so easy). Yesterday there were 60000 attendance to the concert. I never saw so much people  all together. I can think that anyway  a lot of people was there  also because "Monza idays" is becoming  an important appointment 80000 tickets sold out today (in this moment  Linkin Park are playing, Blink 182, Sum 41 also today. Green Day  June 15). Music for all generations (my daughter is there tonight !!!)

At the end I am happy to  say   "I was there".... and today I am listening to Radiohead again and again!!!

Supporting the few rows above I am just reading to enthusiastics reiew (Rockol and  Corriere della sera).
Really it seems it was a  storic event as the  encore 2 with "creep" and "karma police2

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