ABC - The Lexicon of Love

It's Summertime and then here is  a post with the right "easy" music. In 1982 ABC release this LP; they were border line between dance-music, new wave, commercial, electronic.  Also today it is not easy to classify their music but one thing is really clear....it was a wonderful LP for that time (not so bad also today).
Enjoy your holidays.



B -52's - Wild Planet

B-52's introduces an original style in the music of '80. It was a mix of '60 revival with techno influences and a little bit of  crazy humor (I like to compare B-52's to an easy version of DEVO).

The rythm of their music was irresistible and  it was impossible  not to move (dance) on their songs. i think they gave a big contribute to '80s music.