PSYCHIC TV - Milano, club Magnolia December 4, 2015

Unespected year end concert at the Magnolia Club.  To be honest I was not so informed about Psychic TV and Genesis P. Orridge  history so I made an accelerated training on web and youtube to be ready for the show. I have to say I was really  impressed from some psychedelic ballads performed by the group. Despite the  slovenly look  of G.P. Orridge his/her voice is still there.
Coming back to the show, there were really few people and this makes the perfect atmosphere.  A little club, not too much people and the possibility to be near the stage. Just from the first song the direction of the night was really clear......100% PSYCHEDELIC. That's  all. Music, Images, Look .... It could be 2015 or 1960..1970... who knows!!! and shadows of Pink Floyd were also somewhere there!!!

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SIMPLE MINDS - Nov 21, 2015 MILAN Mediolanum Forum

" Ciao Italia...siamo da Glasgow Scotland .... siamo SIMPLE MINDS....."
In this way yesterday Jim Kerr present himself and the band as more than 35 years ago for their first apearance in Italy.
 Here again..... Simple Minds yearly appointment is  after all a classic event. It's the fifth time I saw  them live, first time in '83 and three times in the last 5 years.
What can I say. They are a certainty in an uncertain world. You can be sure that money spent for their show are well spent. They can assure you, enjoyment, at least 2 and a half hour of show and above all ....BIG MUSIC!!!
That is the title of last album (2014) and my feeling is that Simple Minds are living a second Youth.
Coming back to yesterday show. It is clear that Jim love to be on the stage (he didn't want to go out of the scene at the end of the concert!!!!!). Some new song are better live that on CD (a special mention to "Midnight Walking" ) and they can  be easily compared with their  historical hits!!!

Here is Jim wearing, as he said,  the new Dolce & "Mac"Gabbana dress:

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B 52's - B 52's (1979)

First album of this  original band with a original sound based on vocal and rhythm. I' ve loved  and sometimes I play them again.

Here =B 52's (1979)


P.I.L. - Milano (Magazzini Generali ) Oct 11, 2015

John Lydon in Milan. I saw some photos of John 30 years ago and compared with today I had some doubt about P.I.L performance but mainly for respect to the name was not possible to miss this event.
Just from first appearance on the stage it was clear that the haunted look of John is still alive as his voice and theatrical grimace unchanged.
At the end a good performance with a good band (guitarist Lu Edmund is really disquieting) following John!!!


P.I.L. - Greatest hits, so far

I have a ticket for the P.I.L concert  (Milan October 11). I didn' t listen to P.I.L. since many years so I decided to prepare myself for the next concert playing some old LP.
I read that John Lydon come back with a new work in 2012 after 20 years and that a new album was just release in 2015. I listen to that a little bit and at the moment I cannot give an opinion.
Waiting for that here is a Greatest Hits released in 1990.

Enjoy: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/lbTIbYAj/file.html


MTV Digital Days - Monza (Villa Reale) September 11, 2015

Last Friday, after dinner, I walk to "Villa Reale" following a river of young people. My daughter explain to me it was a big appointment for Monza (MTV Digital Days). Robin Schulz will close the first days so we decided to stay. The Villa Reale garden is a wonderful place and the end of summer weather was OK. At the end it was a nice summer party. An open discotheque and also Robin Schulz show acceptable ( Benny Benassi plays before). He propose all his famous hits including the "Prayer in C " version (the original one from Lilly Wood & the Prick has not the same impact).
At the end a good night, better than spend time at the TV or PC.


LE ORME - Villa Guardia (COMO) August 29, 2015

Saturday August 29, 2015 was a good summer end day. I spent the late morning and first afternoon winsurfing on the Como lake (it' s a must at least one time for season since 30 years) and then a night to a concert (this time I was alone because aìof vacation time). The concert was an old band of italian progressive rock "LE ORME " with PFM, Banco del mutuo soccorso, Biglietto per l'inferno and others  were the hit of italian progressive rock of ' 70 years.
I was just a child when they come with their "innovative " music in 72-73. So it was a flash back to listen their hits more than 30 years later. Only one of the original components is still there (the drummer Miki dei Rossi ) and despite the 67 years old is full of energy. The new band is anyway a good band (not like the original one) specially the keyboards players is superb. At the end a very good revival evening. Iam now playing the old LP of the band time after time " Collage- Uomo di pezza- Felona & Sorona etc. etc. Good music is definitively  without time!!!


NINA ZILLI - Villa Arconati July 18, 2015

Very nice show this evening at Villa Arconati  Festival (even more a must appointment of music summer in Milan area). Thanks to a friend of mine I start to appreciate Nina Zilli some time ago and more and more I am convinced about quality of this artist.
 This " Frasi & Fumo" is her third album and it confirms the original style of Nina. Yes It's a refrain of '60 melodic italian sound with a lot of suggestion from other styles (blues, jazz, calypso, dub, reggae and jazz) with a bit of ironic parody as in the unlikely hairstyles and dress scene demonstrate.
At the end a good concert, good performance, a good summer night despite the hot weather period.
Well done NINA, see you soon.




ORQUESTA BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB - July 14, 2015 Villa Arconati Milan

It was a "muy caliente" night last Tuesday at Villa Arconati festival  and not only for the summer hot temperature. Buena Vista Social Club performed their  " Adios Tour" with a little bit of Nostalgia for  musician lost on the way (a video with clips remembering them was on the stage).
 after half on hour all the audience was standing and dancing (there were  single numbered chairs for all partecipant) and this, I think, was the main  appreciation for a great orchestra and carrier.


NUBIYAN TWIST - 2015 Nubiyan Twist

I heard about this band listening to the radio ( strange to say but it  radio 24 AN Italian  economic & financial radio). I was just curious listening to an interview and some songs, so I search them on the web. Good surprise. I really like them; a mix of different sound (they are 12 elements). This is the first CD but they have several music documents on the web. I really promote this band ( I'm listening at home also now).
Waiting for a live tour here you can find something:



TUXEDOMOON - 11-12-2014 Milano (Video)

Following my  post of December 2014 about TUXEDOMOON concert at Milan, recently I saw on TUDEDOMOON official site  the video with  part of the concert (the first 42 min.)
Thank you Blaine for posted it. (waiting for part 2)

TUXEDOMOON official site : http://www.tuxedomoon.co/

link to the video :  https://player.vimeo.com/video/118142956


GATHERED - (1982)

This is a compilation of "Italian wave" bands. Thanks to the music fanzine "Rockerilla" this LP collected part of the emergent Italian New Wave movement. More than 30 years later a CD version was also released and some of the bands re-appear recently  (State of Art).
On the wave of this compilation I think that "Victrola" was the only band that make their own work in that period (EP Maritime Tatami).
Anyway "Gathered" is a piece of memory and an evidence of '80 wave movement in Italy.



MARCUS MILLER - Renaissance (2012)

I lost Marcus Miller concert in Milan few days ago and I am really sorry about this. I appreciate Marcus bass I am listening to the new release " Afrodeezia" (2015). Here  I post  the 2012 release "renaissance".

Enjoy: renaissance


MORCHEEBA - Blood like lemonade (2010)

I'm playing "blood like lemonade"  very often in this period and really I like it.
I consider this work a very complete one. A lot of influences here but at the end a good balance of different styles. I try the listening of  other works of Morcheeba but this remain my favourite one.

Link: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/8huB527X/file.html


YELLO - Touch (2009)

Touch by the Swiss duo "Yello" was released in 2009 as celebration of 30 year of  their activity. Yello (Dieter Meier and Boris Blank + Carlos Peron ) are well known by the electronic/techno fans of '80-'90. Their "vanguard" (for the period) music and video were a good mix of technique, dance rhythms with a piece of irony.
Touch is a perfect balance of all ingredients of Yello music. Good choice on female voices on this work (Heidi Happy is one ).

Here: http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/oEAcpeUF/file.html


DIAFRAMMA - 3 volte lacrime (1986)

Diaframma are an Italian New wave band. “3 volte lacrime “ is their second LP; I bought my vinyl copy just at the release in 1986.  They had a parallel career with Litfiba (not with the same success), really I lost them after this LP. I recently read  about them still on the stage (Federico Fiumani is the only original component) so  driven by curiosity I put the vinyl again on the plate.  The sound is that of 30 years ago with dark bass and guitar rhythm in good evidence. Somebody compared their sound to The Cure one… too much, but some sonority, perhaps!! Anyway I listen  this LP again with pleasure.

Listen: 3vltlcrm.zip



Happy New Year.
We jump in a new year with a lot of dreams in our minds. Some of these will be no more a dream but a real thing. It is better to have as many dreams as possible!!