SOUL II SOUL - Jazzie's Groove

Acid Jazz? Funky Jazz? Trip-Hop how to archives this ? This is not a problem. You can call as you prefer but the essence is the same. This is the music of 90's (of course this is my opinion). After the post-punk, after the new wave period, here we are!! Just relax yourself,  take your time, dance if you want and enjoy...... your life.



ULTRAVOX - Milan (Alcatraz) 5_11_12 BRILLIANT Tour

I never been crazy for ULTRAVOX music and this is the first time I see them live. At the end it was a good show; despite the age and the look (they seems 4 grandfathers after retirement) the show was full of energy. Two hours of music without pauses.
Really there was not so much people and the average age was above 40. Playlist was mainly based on old and well known songs like Vienna, Mister X, Sleepwalk etc.
Midge Ure voice is still here  and at the end they demonstrate to be good and professional band. ULTRAVOX is anyway a piece of '80 music.