STAN RIDGWAY - Neon Mirage

New work from Stan Ridgway. The heart of  the "unforgettable" Wall of Voodoo is still live.
It was since a long time  I had not listened  to Stan Ridgway or Wall of Voodoo sound. In these days I had to opportunity  to know the  new work of Stan and I was curious to go back in the past and this Is my conclusions:
Wall Of Voodoo in the 80's and the first two solo album of Stan are another thing but I listen with pleasure to the actual (Neon Mirage and probably the better  "Anatomy" of some year ago) music of Stan Ridgway. There is no more the energy of the 80's but is still available the class of a big artist. Unfortunatly I miss the last year tour in Italy so I hope to have the possibility to see him in the future. in the meantime we can listen to his "ballads" and new western waiting for the next .......




PAT METHENY & BRED MEHLDAU - Metheny Mehldau quartet


This is wonderful for relax moments. I use to listen to this (or similar) for example on Sunday morning  just when I  wake up.  I Think it's a good way to start a new day.


GUN CLUB - Death Party

Jeffrey Lee Pierce was one of the icons of the "loner and damned artist". All the Gun Club works (and this in a special way) are a mix  of desperation, rage and resignation. Jeffrey voice and his "wrong" way of singing seem perfect to directly transmit this feeling to the audience.
They never had an extraordinary success but  they deserve a position in the rock history.
Death Party EP (5 songs) is from 1983  and it is  my favourite one. It include  "the house on highland avenue" an unforgettable beautiful damned ballad.




Love & Rockets alias 3/4 of Bauhaus components is an example of the fact that not always the disband of a great band (Bauhaus) means  the end of the story. From Bauhaus ashes two wonderful reality comes: from one side Peter Murphy start a brilliant solo carrier and on the other side David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins  created  Love & Rockets. The sound is different from Bauhaus, but it is a great sound. Listening to their works I cannot avoid to compare with some Pink Floyd sonority.
Earth Sun Moon is  athipic in Love and Rockets discography. This is the most  "oniric" of their work and not the most known.




Fra Lippo Lippi was  a strange band in the '80 scene. I consider their music  as " romantic atmosphere" probably because I associate their music to "romantic" periods or relaxed times.
They came from Norway but the sound has something of  "Latin". The had a brief success period with some hits in 85-87. This wok "Songs" was released on the international market in 1985 but songs were already known on the domestic market since few years.




"State of Art"  was part of  the '80 Italian New Wave (Milan area). I saw my friend Andrea (State of Art member ) few months ago in occasion of the   WIRE concert (see post 24 Feb 2011 on this blog).  Andrea gave  me  some new tracks from  "State of Art" to listen for. I really appreciate  that tracks !!. The style is  different (of course ) form the '80 sound  (listen to "Gathered" italian new wave compilation); the sound is now  more funky,  more dance, more rythm, more...!!
My favourite track is "make it work". It is  an irresistible dance-hit   and in the meantime the  memory goes back to the original  models: "A Certain Ratio", Rip Rig& Panic, Talking Heads and... why not ABC.
Finally the new album of State of Art in on the market. "At work" is the title and it is on  itunes.
Here are some links with example of their music and some fanzines review

MAKE IT WORK = http://www.youtube.com/user/edizioniishtar  

You can also see the previous works:



BLANCMANGE - Happy Families

"Blancmange" This duo  was part of the synthpop movement in the '80. They only produce three Lp  in the period '82-'85 (this was the first one) before they decided to close the adventure to take different ways.
In Europe they had quite good success also if not comparable with other Synth-band of the period like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. Their music with obsessive refrain  can be consider  as a first stage  of  Techno music !!!

 Happy Families: http://www.mediafire.com/?12wr2hu260qawa3


SIMPLE MINDS - Empires and Dance

 Simple Minds is a well known name in the music world. This was their third album and it was my first contact with their music. I loved them in the '80 and '90, then I stay for a long time without listen to their music; now, writing this post, I'm listening to some old work like "sons and fashination" and it is  a good feeling again.

I saw Simple Minds first time live in Milan (it was 1983) and then again in piazza Grande at Locarno (1986 great concert!!!)


V,A, BE A CAVEMAN (Voxx Garage revival)

This is a Good compilation of revival '60/garage. Some tracks previous released on vynil (from '79 to '90), There are famous groups like  Plan 9, Fuzztones, Gravedigger V etc.
Voxx project (2000) give a real picture of the ' 80  garage/california sound of the period.
P.S.  in the note you can see that cover art is by Rudi Protrudi  (quality is guarantee).




I consider Tracey Thorn voice one of the "great voices" in my music world. Everything But The Girl was a strange element in the '80-'90 years music. Somebody classify their music in the "cool-jazz-pop" that means all and nothing. This album (1995 ) contain some classic tracks with the wonderful voice instrument of Tracey.



THE OLD AND THE NEW (just a consideration)

I'm wondering why if I think to new album or CD  in 2011 I have on the top of my list names like:
-Wire (Red Barkled trees)
-Peter Murphy (ninth)
-Red Hot Chili Peppers (I' m with you)

and only after names like:
- Kaiser Chiefs (The world is medieval)
-Arctic Monkeys (Such it and see)
-Radiohead (The king of limbs)

The answer would be that I'm old and I like old sounds or ....another possibiliy is that really there is a quality gap between the "old" bands and the "new" ones........
Anyone is  free to add his own opinion on this!!


HOODOO GURUS - Stoneage Romeo

Hoodoo Gurus was (is) one of the milestone of Australian wave of '80.
 They produced several albums with high level music. "Stoneage Romeo" is one of these. Still in activity (I have notice of a new album  and new tour). They are in the list of my favourites for the Aussie area.



ABC - The Lexicon of Love

It's Summertime and then here is  a post with the right "easy" music. In 1982 ABC release this LP; they were border line between dance-music, new wave, commercial, electronic.  Also today it is not easy to classify their music but one thing is really clear....it was a wonderful LP for that time (not so bad also today).
Enjoy your holidays.



B -52's - Wild Planet

B-52's introduces an original style in the music of '80. It was a mix of '60 revival with techno influences and a little bit of  crazy humor (I like to compare B-52's to an easy version of DEVO).

The rythm of their music was irresistible and  it was impossible  not to move (dance) on their songs. i think they gave a big contribute to '80s music.



CCCP - Affinità e divergente tra il compagno Togliatti e Noi

CCCP Was probably the best  punk-new wave band of '80 in Italy. The power of the sound and the live stage of the band was of high quality. The singer and front man  Giovanni Lindo Ferretti a real show man. After the experience as "CCCP" the band change the name in "CSI " and then Lindo Ferretti move to a solistic carrier also as  a writer.
This LP was one of the best at the top of the band performances.

Enjoy:  http://www.mediafire.com/?uba2t83q7pndupf


UAKTI - Aquas de Amazonas

Unusual sound is this from UAKTI, a Brazilian group famous because of the use of custom-made instruments. The collaboration with Philip Glass produces this extraordinary result in 1999. With this sound it seems to be directly in the Amazonas forest (I never been there but this is what I imagine to be).



PERIGEO - La Valle dei Templi

Italian Progressive-Rock band with influences from "Canterbury rock", Soft Machine etc. This LP is dated 1975. Perigeo and their Jazz-Rock was one of the best expression in Italy (and not only ) of that period.
There are other  Italian band of the period that I want to share in the next future. For the moment here is "La Valle dei Templi " from Perigeo. La Valle dei Templi for who doesn't know is an area in Sicily (near Agrigento) with archeological interesting residual of the old greek culture.



WEEKEND - La Varietè

Recently I posted a track from Young Marble Giants for the series dedicated to "great voices". Here is another post of that series. Allison Statton is still the voice; after the experience with Young Marble Giants, Allison move to Weekend. Unfortunatly this group only released one LP "La Varietè", some singles and demos. You can listen here to the LP  (1982) and some demos.



GITHEAD - Landing

Until few weeks ago this name was unknown to me but now is on the top of my playlist  (of this period). This is not surprising considering who the components are. COLIN NEWMAN (Wire) is a quality guarantee, MALKA SPIEGEL and MAX FRANKEN (from Minimal Compact) and ROBIN RIMBAUD complete the band.

They start in 2004 with the EP Headgit  and Landing (great ) 2009 is the last release. Really good




For the series "great voices" here is another song. The track is taken from the cult LP "Colossal Youth " of 1980. The voice is Allison Statton. After the experience with Young Marble Giants, Allison  move to the group "Weekend" with a particular "bossa nova  acoustic style"

The track here is "Eating  Nottemix"


ELIZABETH FRAZER - This Love (Greig Amstrong)

I want to start here a series dedicated to "Great Voices" . I think that one of the best choice for this starting is Elizabeth Frazer. "This Love" is the song I post here. Probably there will be something also from Cocteau Twins discography in the next future. In the meantime you can free your mind with this jewel.




When the summer is coming with nice temperature, sunny days and ... wind OK. It's the time to bring your board  (winsurf ), take the car and drive  searching  for water  (sea or lake).  But you need one more thing......the right soundtrack!!!

 This is my proposal: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS   the right classic to made your mind free and give you the energy you need.



SAVAGE REPUBLIC - the byrds of pork

Just one track from the LP "Customs " (1989). The atmosphere of this "the byrds of pork" is very special. A great sound from the best SAVAGE REPUBLIC.



TRUE WEST - Hollywood Holiday

It was 1982 and  a "new" sound from California comes...

A cover of  Pink Floyd's "Lucifer Sam" is one of the tracks




Section 25 was one of  my favourite in the '80. "Always now " and "Key of Dreams"  1981-1982 two cult LP. It was not music for all. I tought Section 25 was just one of the many bands formed and disappeared in that  period. I discover on internet that  it was not so. Actually "Part Primitiv " released in 2007 in one of my favourite CD.
Here the link to the band website, and other...






Paul Heaton group was active officially from 1983 to 1988. London 0 Hull 4 was their first (of two)  LP. It was in 1986. Always compared to Smiths,  I'd like them and their "fresh and clean " music. After  Housemartins  broke up in 1988 I casually listen for the unmistakable Paul Heaton voice in a music store. The name of the band was  " Beautiful South" but that was another story......

This is the remastered edition:

From the italian fanzine " Rockerilla" 1986 :


THE ASSOCIATES - Fourth drawer down

How many emotions related to this sound.
The original LP is from 1981 but here is the CD release of 2000 with 5 additional tracks
"White car in Germany " is great. I saw The Associates live in a tour with The Cure  at Milan in 1985. It was not a big success but for me it was a great group.

Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?svndfjpdxli4bmx

Here is a link were you can find more from this band:


OREGON -Northwest Passage

As you can see in my profile I'd like all kind of music. This is not New Wave, it something different but, in some moments, this is what I want to listen for.

OREGON is a great group. Still in activity and are part of music history. Ralph Towner (guitars) has also a great number of collaboration with different artist specially from jazz area. Recently also with the Italian artist PAOLO FRESU with very good result.
Northwest Passage is part of  OREGON new times the work is dated 1996 but OREGON first production were in early '70  (like  1973 Distant Hills).

Northwest Passage: http://www.mediafire.com/?j9e65scbbthwn9q


WIRE -LIVE AT BLOOM 22-2-2011 (more punk than expected)

Finally I saw  them. The WIRE live !!  And it was completely different from what  I expected. More sound, more punk, more ...rough music . Probably it was also because of the ambient. Not a large club, not so many people but a nice atmosphere.
Something different from clear and sophisticated sound of the CD.
But sure it was a great experience!!!!

Here some photos of the concert..



They create a new kind of music inside the New Wave movement. Their music changes during the year with the constant of a funky rythmic. After years it is really a pleasure to listen to their mix of different rough sounds. From the main group several sub group were formed with high  performance  levels  like Swamp Children and  Kalima.


WIRE - RED BARKED TREE (2011 new album)

Wire are here again (fortunately). It is not the simple remake of old songs. They are alive and in very good conditions. I Know that they will be in Italy next February. It will be a must to see them live!!!!


listen track 1 (please take)



This is a very special LP: Really a rarity. It was in the '80 that the "Australian Wave" invaded also Europe.
Here ia a link to this important piece of that history.