LAMB - Milan, Magazzini Generali - November 19, 2014

Really a strange couple form the LAMB.  The folksinger  Lou Rhodes and the techno composer and producer Andy Barlow. Two extreme in the music world and also two completely different appearance on the stage; Lou is ethereal in her white long traditional dress and Andy that seems just coming from a rave party.
It is like to have “Chemical Brothers” and “Loreena McKennit” together on the same stage. Difficult to image but incredible is the result.
LAMB combines these two extreme and melt together obtaining a very nice result . Techno, Trip hop, rock? Difficult to classify. Some song are similar to Portishead, some other to techno-disco (Andy help to move the stage in this direction!!).
At the end it was a good live act. Unexpected and for this more appreciate. Today I am playing “Backspace Unwind “(just released) again and again….

Lamb - Doves& Ravens 


PORTISHEAD - Sour Times (1994)

 Thinking about Trip Hop the first name I have in my mind is for sure "Massive Attack"; the second is "Bristol" and the third is "Portishead".
You can also change the order of the three words  but the result is the same: an equilater triangle with wonderful music inside.
Portishead music can be considered the essence of Trip Hop music with slow and intriguing rythms like in this sour times.
If you have not seen I suggest the Roseland live video (1998)...music not only to listen but also to  see.

here: http://www.adrive.com/public/u3qqAV/sourtimes.zip