STAN RIDGWAY - Neon Mirage

New work from Stan Ridgway. The heart of  the "unforgettable" Wall of Voodoo is still live.
It was since a long time  I had not listened  to Stan Ridgway or Wall of Voodoo sound. In these days I had to opportunity  to know the  new work of Stan and I was curious to go back in the past and this Is my conclusions:
Wall Of Voodoo in the 80's and the first two solo album of Stan are another thing but I listen with pleasure to the actual (Neon Mirage and probably the better  "Anatomy" of some year ago) music of Stan Ridgway. There is no more the energy of the 80's but is still available the class of a big artist. Unfortunatly I miss the last year tour in Italy so I hope to have the possibility to see him in the future. in the meantime we can listen to his "ballads" and new western waiting for the next .......




PAT METHENY & BRED MEHLDAU - Metheny Mehldau quartet


This is wonderful for relax moments. I use to listen to this (or similar) for example on Sunday morning  just when I  wake up.  I Think it's a good way to start a new day.