SUM 41 - Milan August 26, 2016

Some months ago I promise my daughter to go with her at a SUM41 concert (Milan was the only Italian date for 2016 tour). The group was unknown to me (other generation) and so I start listening to some of their song. The sound is what I identify as easy-punk and Green Day are for me the reference band.
The concert at the end was not bad. 1 and a half hour of music and the audience (average age around 20 y) satisfied also for the announcement of a new album in October.
 Different from what I normally listen for but anyway  MUSIC.


GITHEAD - Art Pop (2007)

One of this summer night when it was no possible to sleep (because of the high temperature) i was listening to some music I didn' t listen for quite a long time. GITHEAD  was a good surprise. This is a parallel history of Colin Newman with MINIMAL COMPACT members. The  result is a very good sound . Some part seems really to have the best wire sonorities. They provide 3 or 4 works and this is in my opinion the nearest to Wire sound.

ENJOY: githead - art pop