SECTION 25 - Always now

Section 25 first LP "Always Now" is dated 1981. The vynil LP I have is one of my favorites and probably one of the most  played . Their name was always associated to Joy Division and there were a lot of contact point between the two bands. Ian Curtis produced their first single "girls don't count" and Martin Hackett produced Joy Division studio album and this one, too.
Personally I estimated Section 25 since the beginning and I am quite curious to follow the evolution of the group also after the death of Larry Cassidy (also here I see same similarities in the sound change with New Order after Joy Division).
Always Now remain probably their best work, here is the 1991 reissue with several bonus tracks  (non in the 81 LP ). The repetitive drumming and the lament of Larry voice are something timeless.

Enjoy: always now