MASSIVE ATTACK - Milan July 23, 2016

Two Years ago I was very impressed by Massive Attack performance. Now nothing (or few things) are changed. One hour delay waiting from  the planned start time, the same drumming and rhytmic power ( I can define it " disruptive", the sound  (always perfect), the light show (hypnotizing).
So what's new: some new songs from " ritual spirit" with a new voice (I was not so excited by his voice).
What is missed: Martina Topley Bird voice    and "Teardrop".
Massive Attacck = Unmissable anyway


SUEDE - Monza July 10, 2016

I was convinced by my friend Andrea to buy the ticket for the final i-Day night at Monza. Just few minutes walk from my home so why not. I was not a Suede fan; I just listen to songs on the web before the concert.Bratt Anderson was a surprise on the stage. Just a cocktail of Iggy pop, Peter Murphy and David Bowie with some paranoic attitudes. But, and this is evident, a great voice.
The same night there was another unknown  (at least for me) band, Biffy Clyde. probably more famous for  younger generation ( this according to the audience). Nothing special I think.  Just an "easy punk-rock- band". They remember me  Green Days or Sum41  (  That I will see with my daughter next August).
At the end it was a good summer night spent with friends drinking one  (or more) good beer!!!
 See below : The 2 of us