NICK MASON - (Milano September 20, 2018

Few months after Roger Waters, I had  a good opportunity to see another ex- Pink Floyd component in concert.
Nick Mason with "Sacerful of Secrets" is on tour playing a selection of the early Pink Floyd  (before wish you were here).
It was really exiting listening to "Lucifer Sam" "Arnold Line" and "Atom Heart Mother" that was in my opinion the top of the concert. Presence of Guy Pratt (working with Pink Floyd in the past) and Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet guitar) gave an important weight from technical point of view. Voices was probably the weakest point of the performance.


FRANZ FERDINAND - Milano Rocks, September 7, 2018

Despite the ticket and the band list where "The National" was the main group of the day, I was attracted by Franz Ferdinand presence.
Franz Ferdinad played just for one hour but it was enough to see the power and intensity of the band. At the end I really enjoyed the show. The area of Milano Rocks was the ex-Expo space. An extended area  (it take 1/2 h walking from car parking to the concert area on the opposite site (good jogging).Not so much people was attending (not bad) probably a lot of people preferred the Thursday concert (Imagin Dragons and Mannequine) with 60000 presence (and rain).
I also stay there  for part of "The National " performance. They are good but too monotone (for my feeling). I don't know them very well but all songs and music seems to mee very similar. I preferred the explosive Franz Ferdinand for sure.