TUXEDOMOON - Suite en sous-sol (1982)

We will have no more the opportunity to see Tuxedomoon live after  2017 Peter Principle death. I saw them twice in the last years with very good memories.
Here is a vinyl rip (Flac24_96) of my 1982 copy of Suite en sous-sol a double 12" with a mix of multicultural sounds.

HERE: Suite

In addition to this  here is  a link to a good  video-documentary of the band. Recorded in Italy during a preparation of one of latest tour.

VIDEO : Tuxedomoon (Longiano CE)


BOOZOO BAJOU - Dust my broom (2005)

Boozoo Bajou is a German duo. Ambient-Techno-Trip-Hop music with a lot of influence also from jazz.

here a mp3 of their 2005 work "Dust my Broom"



LUNCH - Let us have madness openly (2015)

It is difficult to find something related to this US band (Portland Oregon) on the web and it is really strange because of their good quality.
I don't know why but since I listen to this for the first time one or two months ago I am playing their music continuosly.
There are different influences here (UK post-punk, Gun Club, early Cure) but at the result is a wonderful sound with appeal and rhythm.
The first work  "Quinn touched the sun" (I think only a cassette record) was more rought but in this one there is more balance.
Really a good work.

HEAR: let us have madness openly

and some video here:
Lunch 1
Lunch 2


NATIONAL HEALTH - Of Queues and cures (1978)

These days searching in my hard disks I found this. I play this just to remember the sound. So I also listen to Hatfield and the North  and another one and again.
OK It could be revivel but this old "Canterbury" sound  is still an original one. If I can explain with emotional words I call it "gentle progressiv rock".
Anyway call it as you want but  this sound is part of late '70 music history.

Hear: National Health


DREAM SYNDICATE - The Days of Wine And Roses (1982)

The Dream Syndicate (1982) "The Days of Wine and Roses" is probably the manifest of the so called "Paisley Underground" movement  or California Sound of the '80. It was a mix of Rock_psychedelic_Folk_Blues   sonorities and The Dream syndicate   (Steve Winn, Karl Precoda and Kendra Smith) with TRUE WEST were the top players.
I post this today because in October there is a life show of The Dream Syndicate here in Italy (I think is a reunion but I am not so informed about the actual composition of the band.
I have not yet decided if I will go or if it is better to listen to the original version of 1982 (I have the vinyl version of the front picture here). In the link there is a reissue version with more tracks.

Here: The days of wine and roses


JESUS & MARY CHAIN - The Peel Sessions

I was really disappointed when I realize that the Italian date of J&MC in July was cancelled.
It is one of the group I never saw life and I a waiting for. To complete my frustration I just saw the list of dates of the new tour for Damage and Joy 2017 album (very good) and Italy is not included....
Waiting for next tour I am listening all the old and new works by J&MC .
Really without age.
Here a Complete Peel Sessions collection (2000). I have the original 1991 vinil version with 6 traces.

enjoy: J&MC -Complete Peel sessions(2000)


WIRE - Magnolia Segrate July 25, 2017

Few days after Red Hot Chili Peppers I saw  WIRE. Completely different location and atmosphere. This is a kind of concert I prefer; few people, possibility to move around and spend some times with friends. The component of the band were at the bar speaking with people before the show.
The show itself was really short (just 70 minutes) but it was enough. Most of the last work "silver/lead" were performed plus some old pieces. The life sound of Wire is different from the studio.More rough and heavy but is definitively the WIRE sound.


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Milano July 21, 2017 (ippodromo S. Siro)

RHCP music remain always a good soundtrack for free time and vacation.  Their original sound is able to move my imagination to a beach party or in a windsurfers contest. The explaination is probably because I remember   RCHP  as soundtrack  of videos and films about windsurf history, Robby Naish, Hawaaian contests  and so on !!!
The concert itself was good, (not superb), not so long (1.40 h). What impressed me was the power of the drum-bass sectionl of RHCP show  and the public. All the time people song together with them and it is visible how the people love them. Really a sound for any age (my daughter also love them).
At the end a nice evening RHCP  leave to me a good memory

                                                                                          Goodbye Angels


RADIOHEAD - Monza I Days June 16, 2017

First time for me at Radiohead,  Here my impression:
-Voice of Thom Yorke is really superb. He do what he wants and 2 hours life of this quality not a joke
-Sound. I thought that the clean and brilliant sound of Radiohead was mainly a result  of studio recording and production work. It is a wrong assumption. Life sound is perfect and if possible better than studio recording. The organization and the sound system was perfect.
-Public and fans. It is difficult to believe than Radiohead is so popular (their music is not so easy). Yesterday there were 60000 attendance to the concert. I never saw so much people  all together. I can think that anyway  a lot of people was there  also because "Monza idays" is becoming  an important appointment 80000 tickets sold out today (in this moment  Linkin Park are playing, Blink 182, Sum 41 also today. Green Day  June 15). Music for all generations (my daughter is there tonight !!!)

At the end I am happy to  say   "I was there".... and today I am listening to Radiohead again and again!!!

Supporting the few rows above I am just reading to enthusiastics reiew (Rockol and  Corriere della sera).
Really it seems it was a  storic event as the  encore 2 with "creep" and "karma police2

rockol review

corriere della sera review

il post review and pictures


SIMPLE MINDS - April 27, 2017 (Acoustic Tour Milan)

Classic Appointment with Simple Minds Tour yesterday. They love Italy and Italy love them. Jim has always something new to show. This time with the acoustic tour he choose to be in as theater, speaking italian and joking with the public. He is really a front man! He has a future on TV shows!!😃

Good performance as usual  also with this new revised band.

An example :

STEVE HACKETT -(March 30, 2017) Genesis Revised (Legnano, MI)

I Was not a convinced Genesis fan and I decided to participate to this event mainly to meet some friends. To confirm my old feeling I was really not impressed by Steve Hackett exibition. Yes a lot of technic on his hands and guitars but something is missed.... I don't know what!!!


WIRE -Wire (2015)

One of most played group on my devices in this period is WIRE. The occasion was the new release "Silver/Lead" (2017) but starting from that I go back and after continuous listening I made the conclusion that "Wire" (2015) is my favourite work of "third age " of this extraordinary and prolific band.
The sound and melodies are unmistakable and catchy.
Like a good wines also Wire don' t care about years.

Here: Wire (2015)


AUDITIVE ESCAPE - Evolo (2012)

Auditive Escape (alias Jean Patier). It is the right choice for a relax night after a hard day. This French electronic, dub, trip hop "ensemble" is an interesting one. A lot of work self produced like this Evolo  (2012). This Trip-Ambent-Hop is really not bad.

Enjoy: Evolo.rar


UV POP - Bandy Baby Man (1986)

Thanks to ESWA blog (see in my favourite) I had the opportunity to know UV Pop. Searching on the web I realized there is not a lot of material of this band. Moved by curiosity I saw also on youtube and it is better. The attached file is directly extract from an youtube video.
There is another interesting video of the re-recording of "Serious" in 2010 (in my opinion probably better than the original one).

UV Pop -BBM : UV POP - Bandy Baby Man

Serious (re-recorded 2010)