SIMPLE MINDS - Nov 21, 2015 MILAN Mediolanum Forum

" Ciao Italia...siamo da Glasgow Scotland .... siamo SIMPLE MINDS....."
In this way yesterday Jim Kerr present himself and the band as more than 35 years ago for their first apearance in Italy.
 Here again..... Simple Minds yearly appointment is  after all a classic event. It's the fifth time I saw  them live, first time in '83 and three times in the last 5 years.
What can I say. They are a certainty in an uncertain world. You can be sure that money spent for their show are well spent. They can assure you, enjoyment, at least 2 and a half hour of show and above all ....BIG MUSIC!!!
That is the title of last album (2014) and my feeling is that Simple Minds are living a second Youth.
Coming back to yesterday show. It is clear that Jim love to be on the stage (he didn't want to go out of the scene at the end of the concert!!!!!). Some new song are better live that on CD (a special mention to "Midnight Walking" ) and they can  be easily compared with their  historical hits!!!

Here is Jim wearing, as he said,  the new Dolce & "Mac"Gabbana dress:

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