MASSIVE ATTACK - Milan June 25, 2014

Massive Attack at Milan. An important appointment not to loose. And it was a great night.
The wait was long (1 hour from the planned  21:00) but the dark of the night help a lot  to create the right atmosphere  in line with the light show. I was not disappointed, all  my expectations were satisfied, Martina Topley Bird voice helped to elevate the level. Music and Rythms really powerfull.
Difficult to forget!!!!


TELEVISION - Milan June 3, 2014 Alcatraz

The feeling was that of great events. It is not common to have TELEVISION in Italy, as Tom Verlaine said  "this is the 2nd time in Italy in 40 years" (first one was in 1987). If you add the fact that they played the whole "Marquee Moon " playlist this makes really the event a great one.
I had the ticket since months and the expectation was satisfied. The sound was really clean, Tom and the band, after a soft start become more and more confident and songs longer  (Marquee Moon version   about 12 minutes).  Happy to be there !!!