DAVID BYRNE - Milano Teatro degli Arcimboldi July 16, 2018

Really more than a concert. The Performance of yesterday night was GREAT!! David Byrne can be considered (is considered) a Genius of the stage and this is a fact. 
The effect of David and the group on an empty area  (no cable, no fix structures or instruments ) is spectacular. Instruments are moving with people on the scene that is a growing of rhytm of percussion and dance. Actors an musicians are free to move and create in an empty space. The last part of the concert all the theatre was standing dancing and singing.  Really an unmissable night.

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Milan 16-7-2018


DAVID SYLVIAN - Gone to Earth 1986

David Sylvian here at the top of his career. I don' t like what David is doing now (avantgarde and expermental) so I prefer to remember him like it  "was" years ago.
Here a rip of my original CD. It is only one files because is not so easy to separate the single traces (up to you).