NATIONAL HEALTH - Of Queues and cures (1978)

These days searching in my hard disks I found this. I play this just to remember the sound. So I also listen to Hatfield and the North  and another one and again.
OK It could be revivel but this old "Canterbury" sound  is still an original one. If I can explain with emotional words I call it "gentle progressiv rock".
Anyway call it as you want but  this sound is part of late '70 music history.

Hear: National Health


DREAM SYNDICATE - The Days of Wine And Roses (1982)

The Dream Syndicate (1982) "The Days of Wine and Roses" is probably the manifest of the so called "Paisley Underground" movement  or California Sound of the '80. It was a mix of Rock_psychedelic_Folk_Blues   sonorities and The Dream syndicate   (Steve Winn, Karl Precoda and Kendra Smith) with TRUE WEST were the top players.
I post this today because in October there is a life show of The Dream Syndicate here in Italy (I think is a reunion but I am not so informed about the actual composition of the band.
I have not yet decided if I will go or if it is better to listen to the original version of 1982 (I have the vinyl version of the front picture here). In the link there is a reissue version with more tracks.

Here: The days of wine and roses