Sometimes you realize you lost something important. This was exactly my feeling listening to Thin White Rope music some weeks ago. At that point the question comes alone ... how  was  it possible ? Why  have you never condidered this band? The answer is that probably during  that period the scene was full of good music, good bands and it happened that you lost some of them.
Anyway we are lucky, good music has no time and I (or we) can give the right importance to this band now. Their music was really a mix of rock, blues, country, punk and wathever you want. Guy Kyser' s  voice appairs to me like a "polite" version of  Jeffrey Lee Pierce disturbing voice. You can accost Thin White Rope music to several others like Dream Syndicate, Television, Neil Young (?)  but at the end probably it make no sense. We can consider as a stand alone event in the californian (or world) music scenery of late '80.
Here some contributions to close the gap I had more than 20 years ago...

Moonhead = https://rapidshare.com/files/958953598/TWRmoon.zip

good references = http://www.ondarock.it/rockedintorni/thinwhiterope.htm


METRO - New Love (1979)

This is the second work of METRO. The first one  "metro", famous for the cover version of "criminal world" by David Bowie,  is available also as CD version (the original is from 1976). The second one " New Love" I think is available only on vynil  (original from 1979) and I' ve not found it on normal channels on the web.
Here is an experiment; mp3 tracks are recorded directly from Youtube (all tracks from the album are available there). Quality sure is not at the top but it is enough to know the old Peter Godwin's  group.
Peter is still active with the group called "nuevo" and on solo works.

listen to: https://rapidshare.com/files/1998643050/MNL.zip