PREFAB SPROUT - Steve McQueen (acoustic) 2007

It was 1982 when The Prefab Sprout first LP was issued. At that time I played that vinyls so many times..... I liked it. What is in this post is part of a reissue of the original LP dated 2007 but with that reissue a second CD was included with 8 acoustic traces.
It was really a good surprise for me listening to this. Like the original LP I am listening to these acoustic versions many many time and .....really I like it.

Enjoy: http://rapidshare.com/share/4614E9EE3BD37C4373CA00F76D6B27B2


KRISMA - Chinese Restaurant (1978)

CHRISMA (Cristina and Maurizio) first  and KRISMA later, these are the names used by this italian duo. In the '80 well known not only in Italy but also in other nations (it seems they have a lot of fans in Japan too). Since a lot of year I hear nothing about them but recently I receive a recent photo of  a friend together with Krisma and as a background  a "Chinese Restaurant". So the connection is quite easy to do !!!

Chinese Restaurant: http://rapidshare.com/share/0CBA0F364F30D880D6A076C04485FE02