PETER MURPHY - Milan November 22, 2018 (Fabrique)

Peter Murphy and David J together (50% of BAUHAUS) to celebrate 40 years from the band formation. I was at the "appointment" for door opening so I had a  pole- position.
A special mention to the band that start the evening "Desert Mountain Tribe". Superb exibition and the audience was really disappointed when they were stopped to let the technician to prepare the Peter Murphy show.
Bauhaus name collect a lot of people at Fabrique. Not comparable to the acoustic tour of Peter alone 2 years ago. Also the show was completely different. The playlist is pratically based on the first Bauhas LP  and other  best of.
David J presence gave a special tone to the evening.  Today I have on my turntable a 40 years old vinyl .......from a new band .....Bauhaus....
see summary on ondarock

The Passion of Lovers HERE:


LAY LLAMAS - Ostro (2014)

Lay Llamas  is an Italian group part of the new psychedelic or "occult psychedelic" wave. With Julie's Haircut  (some of the components collaborates) are in my opinion the top of this group of bands.
There are on spotify some interesting playlist proposed by Julie's Haircut as summary of the Italian background of the moment "postcard from the land of sunshine" is one of this and can be used as example or guide of this music area.

HEAR : Ostro (mp3)


ASYLUM PARTY - Picture One (1988)

As follow up of previous post, here is another French group with New-Wave sound. They were active between 1985 and 1990. Few notes also on Discogs about the band.
Dark-wave sonorities in this album.

Hear : Picture One


ORCHESTRE ROUGE - Yellow Laughter (1982)

French group of the '80 part of the transalp new wave. I discover this recently and I want to share. Sound is very clear and more than one similarity with  "Cure" early works.

Hear : Yellow Laughter


NICK MASON - (Milano September 20, 2018

Few months after Roger Waters, I had  a good opportunity to see another ex- Pink Floyd component in concert.
Nick Mason with "Sacerful of Secrets" is on tour playing a selection of the early Pink Floyd  (before wish you were here).
It was really exiting listening to "Lucifer Sam" "Arnold Line" and "Atom Heart Mother" that was in my opinion the top of the concert. Presence of Guy Pratt (working with Pink Floyd in the past) and Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet guitar) gave an important weight from technical point of view. Voices was probably the weakest point of the performance.


FRANZ FERDINAND - Milano Rocks, September 7, 2018

Despite the ticket and the band list where "The National" was the main group of the day, I was attracted by Franz Ferdinand presence.
Franz Ferdinad played just for one hour but it was enough to see the power and intensity of the band. At the end I really enjoyed the show. The area of Milano Rocks was the ex-Expo space. An extended area  (it take 1/2 h walking from car parking to the concert area on the opposite site (good jogging).Not so much people was attending (not bad) probably a lot of people preferred the Thursday concert (Imagin Dragons and Mannequine) with 60000 presence (and rain).
I also stay there  for part of "The National " performance. They are good but too monotone (for my feeling). I don't know them very well but all songs and music seems to mee very similar. I preferred the explosive Franz Ferdinand for sure.



DAVID BYRNE - Milano Teatro degli Arcimboldi July 16, 2018

Really more than a concert. The Performance of yesterday night was GREAT!! David Byrne can be considered (is considered) a Genius of the stage and this is a fact. 
The effect of David and the group on an empty area  (no cable, no fix structures or instruments ) is spectacular. Instruments are moving with people on the scene that is a growing of rhytm of percussion and dance. Actors an musicians are free to move and create in an empty space. The last part of the concert all the theatre was standing dancing and singing.  Really an unmissable night.

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Milan 16-7-2018


DAVID SYLVIAN - Gone to Earth 1986

David Sylvian here at the top of his career. I don' t like what David is doing now (avantgarde and expermental) so I prefer to remember him like it  "was" years ago.
Here a rip of my original CD. It is only one files because is not so easy to separate the single traces (up to you).



ARCTIC MONKEYS - Milano June 4, 2018

I was lucky some months ago to buy 2 tickets (no way to have 3). I was at the PC with the countdown. At 10:00 start the on line sale on ticket one. It take 1h and a half of continuos tentatives. after 2 hour all tickets were sold out (but available on secondary websites at  3 time the original prize!!!).
By the way.... A good concert with audience that clearly appreciate the old songs more than the last production. I have not yet decided if "Tranquillity  Base Hotels + Casino" is a good LP or not.... Alex Turner seems coming from a '50 film atmosphere . 90 minutes of music and that's all....Grazie Milano, Good Night....

                                                           R.U. Mine


ROGER WATERS - Assago (Milan) April 17, 2018

Unfortunatly I never seen Pink Floyd live even if I was  a great Pink Floyd fan (at least until " The Wall"). The Roger Waters 2018 tour (Us and Them) was the occasion to close the gap (late I know).
The setlist of the live show at the end convinced me. All the classic Pink Floyd songs were there and .... only few from Roger last work.
The concert (the show probably is more appropriate) was quite good. A lot of technicalities and scenic surprises  like "flighting pig drone"  and different movies support  music and voice not at the top (also the acustic was not perfect). Surely Pink Floyd were another thing but this is what we have now.

                                          The Happiest days of our lives

Additional videos  here:



I was  listening to this recently after a lot of years and I was really surprised about it. Good music, good vinyl quality. I have this since many years but really I re-evaluate this disc and band now after 30 years.
Here a ripping of my vinyl copy. enjoy!!



THAT PETROL EMOTION - End of Millennium Psychosis Blues (1988)

Today in a rainy Sunday evening I put on my turntable this vinyl I bought  30 years ago. It was since many years I didn't  listen to this. Well it was a good feeling  and I  appreciate  again That Petrol Emotion sound. A mix of industrial, melodic an guitars mix and, here in this LP a bit of funky, too.
So I search on my hard disc and I had  an MP3 version of the disc (downloaded sometime from some blog). So why not to share ?
Here for you.



JULIE'S HAIRCUT - Ashram Equinox (deluxe) -2013

Julie's Haircut is an Italian band, probably better known in other european country instead than in Italy. They start in 1994 but first album released in 2000.
"Ashram Equinox " 2013 (here in deluxe version taken from spotify) is a clear document of Julie's Haircut evolution to Psychedelic-ambient music. Some parts remember me the early Pink Floyd sonorities.
Really good. GREAT!!

HEAR: Ashram Equinox


WALL OF VOODOO - Dark Continent (1981)

Wall of Voodoo Techno-Western here in the first LP their released (second one was "Call of the west" in 1982).
It could be a soundtrack of a western music with their "Morricone style " .
This is a vinyl rip (Flac24) of my original copy. I still listen to this with great pleasure.

HEAR: Dark Continent


CABARET VOLTAIRE - Red Mecca (1981)

Electronic, Techno, Industrial, New Wave ?
How to define Cabaret Voltaire  music? This is not a great problem just listen and enjoy their sonority.
It was more than 30 years ago but it could be yesterday, today or tomorrow....

HEAR: Red Mecca


V.A. - Gathered (1982 - CD reissue 2009)

Gathered was a collection of italian new wave bands of  early '80.
Original version was on vinyl produced by the italian fanzine "Rockerilla" in 1982.

Here is a reissue CD from 2009.
Some of the band  ( I know State of Art) as still active nowadays.



A Certain Ratio - Graveyard and Ballroom (1980)

I think this is one of the best way to start a new year.
Listen again to a wonderful work of ACR at their beginning.
Recently there was a reissue of this original cassette release (1980).

enjoy: Graveyard and Ballroom