HIDDEN DESERT -Tribute to Thin White Rope

A collection of covers as tribute to THIN WHITE ROPE  music. I just take this from the web and not finished yet to listen to.
But I want also post (as Christmas gift), my favourite THIN WHITE ROPE song
( Disney Girl) and  links to youtube video. For Disney Girl I used for the first time on this blog a .flac file (for the future we will see).

Enjoy and ..Happy New Years

 Hidden Desert = http://rapidshare.com/files/1730721579/Hidden%20Desert%20_%20A%20Tribute%20to%20Thin%20White%20Rope.zip

Disney Girl = http://rapidshare.com/files/397773356/02%20-%20Disney%20Girl.flac



SOUL II SOUL - Jazzie's Groove

Acid Jazz? Funky Jazz? Trip-Hop how to archives this ? This is not a problem. You can call as you prefer but the essence is the same. This is the music of 90's (of course this is my opinion). After the post-punk, after the new wave period, here we are!! Just relax yourself,  take your time, dance if you want and enjoy...... your life.



ULTRAVOX - Milan (Alcatraz) 5_11_12 BRILLIANT Tour

I never been crazy for ULTRAVOX music and this is the first time I see them live. At the end it was a good show; despite the age and the look (they seems 4 grandfathers after retirement) the show was full of energy. Two hours of music without pauses.
Really there was not so much people and the average age was above 40. Playlist was mainly based on old and well known songs like Vienna, Mister X, Sleepwalk etc.
Midge Ure voice is still here  and at the end they demonstrate to be good and professional band. ULTRAVOX is anyway a piece of '80 music.



Sometimes you realize you lost something important. This was exactly my feeling listening to Thin White Rope music some weeks ago. At that point the question comes alone ... how  was  it possible ? Why  have you never condidered this band? The answer is that probably during  that period the scene was full of good music, good bands and it happened that you lost some of them.
Anyway we are lucky, good music has no time and I (or we) can give the right importance to this band now. Their music was really a mix of rock, blues, country, punk and wathever you want. Guy Kyser' s  voice appairs to me like a "polite" version of  Jeffrey Lee Pierce disturbing voice. You can accost Thin White Rope music to several others like Dream Syndicate, Television, Neil Young (?)  but at the end probably it make no sense. We can consider as a stand alone event in the californian (or world) music scenery of late '80.
Here some contributions to close the gap I had more than 20 years ago...

Moonhead = https://rapidshare.com/files/958953598/TWRmoon.zip

good references = http://www.ondarock.it/rockedintorni/thinwhiterope.htm


METRO - New Love (1979)

This is the second work of METRO. The first one  "metro", famous for the cover version of "criminal world" by David Bowie,  is available also as CD version (the original is from 1976). The second one " New Love" I think is available only on vynil  (original from 1979) and I' ve not found it on normal channels on the web.
Here is an experiment; mp3 tracks are recorded directly from Youtube (all tracks from the album are available there). Quality sure is not at the top but it is enough to know the old Peter Godwin's  group.
Peter is still active with the group called "nuevo" and on solo works.

listen to: https://rapidshare.com/files/1998643050/MNL.zip


GRAIG AMSTRONG - The space between us (1998)

Graig Amstrong switch from orchestra composer to synth and electronic music and specially as motion pictures soundtrack composer. He also collaborates with names  like Madonna, Massive Attack, U2  etc. In 1998 he produced this  work with jewels like "this love" (Elizabeth Frazer is always  wonderful ) and  "weather storm".




Wall of Voodoo was an extraordinary experience so intence as short. Stan Ridgaway left the Wall of Voodoo  band and this was his first "solo" album (1985). Less rhythm compared to wall of voodoo sound but more poetry and melody. A great album that open the way to  Stan solo carrier with unforgettable ballads like "camouflage"

https://rapidshare.com/files/3819528328/the big heat.zip


SADE - Lovers Rock

I don't know why but I see some connections (probably emotional) from the previous post (ADELE) and this one.
Yes there are a lot of differencies; it was a different period  but at the end we are speaking about great voices, good music, and........this is enough (for me)!!!

https://rapidshare.com/files/2957174110/Sade - Lovers Rock _CHANNEL NEO_ _976467_.torrent


ADELE - great voices

Of course I have not to discover ADELE as new emergent talent of music but I want to post two songs from her new album "21" because they follow me in a recent  vacation.
It was just listening to this songs every day for a week that I appreciate the intensity of Adele interpretation. I think we have to include between "great voices " of this period.

- Set fire to the rain
- Someone like you

 listen to these!!!


IBIZA . Beach House (2009)

Summer is coming again (fortunately) so here is an Easy Listening post. This is good for a sunny weekend on the seaside or just for  dreaming a white beach with a wonderful sunset on the blue water....... Do you think it is too sweet?   Don't worry it was  only a moment and is gone!!!

ENJOY : http://www.mediafire.com/?z7cg2nkwqz7wxzj


WIRE - 154

This is really a milestone in the new wave music history. It is considered a connection between the punk-post punk and the '80 new wave period. What I think is that this album has no time. You can listen to this 30 years after and it seems still new.
I have a vynil copy of this album and is one of my favourite and I consider a precious piece of my collection.
I had the opportunity to see WIRE on stage only one year ago (see post dated  February 2011 on this blog) and despite they are not so young it was an exciting experience.

154 = http://www.mediafire.com/?d8j6q7pkc7jm6a3



Honestly speaking until this week I never  heard about Thievery Corporation. It was moving around various blogs that I  listen to this band. Immediately I realized I like this sound and so I went deep and deep (listening) in this new experience.
It is really a mix of different styles, dub, chill, hi pop, acid jazz. Just like to shake Massive Attack with Soul II Soul, Jamaican, Brazilian, Indian, African ......really  multi-ethnic influences with an interesting result.

Here is a collection of six tracks from different works: enjoy


ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Crocodiles

Echo & The Bunnymen  first LP "crocodiles" was on the scenes in 1980. Ian McCulloch group had never had the big success but their work were always of good quality with an original  dark and oniric  sound.
With changes in the components and with some experience as solists, Echo & The Bunnymen are still alive and the sound also with "recent" productions  (like "Siberia" 2006) have still the original charge.



LE ORME - Collage

We are back in the '70 with this LP. Le Orme, and particularly this work, is considered the starting point of the "Italian Progressive Rock". The absorption of the UK and London dream was clear in groups like Le Orme, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.

I was a child and this are memories of music from the radio or from older friends and parents. I remenber very well the titletrack of this work and probably was my first "love" for music.



SIMPLE MINDS - 5x5 tour Milan (Alcatraz) 02/28/12

It was difficult to believe but at the end it was  true........ 2 and a half hours of concert with only a 15 min break.
This was the SIMPLE MINDS performance in Milan of the 5x5 tour (5 songs for any of the first 5 LP).  Very good show  this is my  comment. Jim Kerr, despite of the age,  on the scene is  not so different from the first time I saw him (it was 1983). Burchill is still there working on the guitars, the keyboards section is really the weakest point compared to the past ( MacNeil  was another thing), but what is really impressive is the presence of the drum section. Mel Gaynor is simply perfect and this  was the good  surprise of this night.
The public (really not so young) seems to appreciate the performance and after two days,  without the exitement of the moment I can say that it was A GREAT EVENT!! (welcome back SIMPLE MINDS).

Promise you a miracle:

Il gran finale.....New gold dream!!!!

some quality photos at this link:

  Jim Kerr interviewed by Red Ronnie:


PUBLIC ENEMY - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back

Just one of this night I put on the plate an old vinil L.P. . It was 1988 and it was the moment of groups like Run DMC, Stetsasonic, Derek B. Public Enemy was the Extreme band of the moment (in my opinion). Their military look and power of the rythm was an important part of live show. I had the opportunity to see the band live in Milan together with Run DMC. Not so often but sometime I listen to their music again.

link here : http://www.mediafire.com/?jrr0l2k8nffkali


STATE OF ART - Interview

A new interview (it is in Italian ) from STATE OF ART (see post dated  Oct. 29th 2011)


GARBO - A Berlino ....va bene

It was 1981 and also in Italy some "new" sound come. We can consider this as a melodic new wave music. An Italian version of what in the meantime happened in UK.
I listen again to this with pleasure.




Swamp Children  "So Hot " is the title of this "cool" work. Original LP was released in 1982 and the CD (with bonus tracks) is from 2004. Part of the A Certain Ratio area, this group (and later Kalima) gave an elegant jazz  contribution  to the new wave music of the period




Christmas is gone.... The new year is here .....but this is still the right time to listen to this "alternative" xmas songs. It was for a fortune case that I was listening to this 1993 LP the 23th of December driving my car. It was a good surprise that I want to share with you. Bruce Cockburn is great and this album  is something special with a mystic atmosphere.

enjoy ....http://www.mediafire.com/?hea1v2eh39n833i