Just another post dedicated to world music. After Europe and America (see the two previous post) here we are in Africa.
I don' t know so much of Afrcan music but I have some "souvenir" from any of my vacation. It is my custom when I go to other country for vacation to take some "music sample " with me when I come back to home.
Today post was a souvenir from Kenia (I was there but I don' t know were the music come from) and I offered 5 dollars to a taxi driver to give me the cassette he was playing in the car-stereo. So that is the source and sure the audio quality is not at the top but just to understand what SOUKOUSS music is. The cover is probably not the right one but that I found on the web.

ENJOY : Soukouss RAS


THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND - Greatest Hits (2011)

Following the "world music" way we cannot avoid to make a stop to the southern country music of the US. I think it is an expected path forward after the previous post!!!
The Marshall Tucker Band has to be mentionded at least for their long career (more than 40 years). Songs like "Searchin' for a rainbow " or "Fire on the Mountain" can be considered  "classic pieces" of this kind of music.
They start their career later in the '60 with hits in the '70 than through the '80, '90 and again. Really a neverending story.

Enjoy: The Marshall Tucker Band


BATTLEFIELD BAND - Home is were the van is (1980)

Something different  today. Battlefield Band is a Scottish folk band and this LP is dated 1980. There was a period in my life were traditional music  was in my  favourite playlist. Since many years I never listen to thin again but I want to post this one.... There is a lot of energy in this music and sometime listen to something else can help. We have a lot of various things in our world...why don't appreciate them!!!!

Home is were the van is